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Information in accordance with §5 TMG:

EXOPATH – Histology Diagnostic Services (individual company)
Philipp-Foltz-Str. 19
81737 Munich – Germany

Represented by
Dr. Katrin Printz (geb. Brosinski)
FTA Veterinary Pathology (veterinarian with veterinary pathology specialisation)
The legal occupational title was granted by the Bavarian State Veterinary Medical Association (Germany).
License to practice veterinary medicine issued by the Bavarian State Ministry of Interior, Munich, Germany.

Phone.: +49 89 74056943
Fax:       +49 89 21543656

Value added tax in accordance with §27a VAT Act:
DE 295 855 646

Responsible chamber
Bavarian State Veterinary Medical Association (Germany)
Bavariastr. 7a
80336 Munich

Photo credits:
All pictures of animals were purchased at

Christian Aselmann und Dr. Katrin Printz (geb. Brosinski)